Senior Capstone  

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Senior Capstone at DePaul University, Spring Quarter June 2020. Manipulated images and vector work created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Final book formatted in InDesign. Three-part book series based on the idea of how death is seen today and how death is remembered and celebrated. Short description: Our digital lives run alongside our real lives up until our death. Death can come at any moment, transforming our digital world into what we now know as a digital memorial. Social media can be categorized as a memorial site, thus calling it a “digital tombstone.” Is this good, bad, or just a new thing we are unconsciously adapting to? The book series is broken into “History,” “Present,” and “Future,” exploring the beginning and future direction of digitizing death using a combination of old and new images, research articles and author’s opinions. Inside of “Present,” 2 of 3, includes a pocket for the memento mori death cards. Each death card showcases a celebrity who has passed but is still present digitally. These are the last pictures posted on their Instagram before their death.

© 2020 by Alyssa Evanowsky